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2018.12.26 News

Promotional video recording report; YAMAMURA BLUE

JHT recorded a B to B MATCHING POMOTIONAL VIDEO at YAMAMURA BLUE on 4.December 2018.
JHT reporter was Chihiro. It was the first time for her to visit YAMAMURA BLUE and meet Mr. YAMAMURA Takeshi. She seemed to be a little bit nervous because he is one of Kurume kasuri textile manufacturers who preserve the tradition over 200 years. However, his frank and charming character made her relaxed and video recording started in harmonious atmosphere.

When she saw YAMAMURA BLUE, she cheered with excitement. She was fascinated with brilliant blue and bold patterns which typify YAMAMURA BLUE. All textiles are hand woven. Mr. Yamamura devises designs. He gets inspirations from universe, the earth, nature etc... and then integrates them into patterns with his exceptional sensibility.

Mr. Yamamura explained how the design reflected in real a textile with the pattern in a polite way.
Kurume kasuri is completed through 30 processes. Yarn-dyed fabric, tie cotton threads with white threads according to a pattern design→ dye→ weave→ patterns appear, is one of characteristics. It becomes one-of-a-kind texture with stupendous efforts and time.

The greatest feature of YAMAMURA BLUE is brilliant blue. To find secrets, we asked him to guide us around his dying workshop.

There was dignified atmosphere and we easily understood that we were in the holy place. Huge pots buried in the ground and ranged on the right in the picture is aigame. Aigame are filled with indigos, ai. By keeping temperature at 22~ 23 degrees, ai in pots have been at the best condition.
YAMAMURA BLUE has used Japanese natural ai. Mr. YAMAMURA has checked their condition with his eyes, ears, and a tongue everyday.

“With a tongue” means tasting. We asked him how to do. It was sooooo surprising! He moved his face closer to “ai” in the pot and licked it directly. He can do so because of natural ai. We learned that following through with daily control using his five senses was the essential of making brilliant blue.

The thing Chihiro and Mr. Yamamura have are cotton threads dyed with ai. YAMAMURA BLUE’s threads are dyed thoroughly to the core. To color thread blue brightly, dyed threads are beat. The cycle of dying and beating are repeated over 60 times. The number of cycles decides shades of colors and expresses brilliant blue gradations. It is godlike technique.

She wore kimono made with a lot of time and labor. The hand-woven textile was tough texture but enveloped her softly and lightly. It is unique for nothing but hand-woven texture. His textiles are worthy of 100 year quality.

The highest quality of YAMAMURA BLUE’s textiles should be a new discovery for people who need textiles all over world.

JHT actualizes B to B MATCHING through promotional videos.


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